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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

FAQ: Is it going to become pretty mandatory for graphic designers to have web skills?

Web design and print design have a different set of rules, so I hope it never becomes mandatory for print designers to do web design. BUT, here's the bottom line. There is fierce competition for design jobs, so employers can pick and choose. The more skills you have under your belt, the more jobs you'll qualify for.

When you add web design skills to your resume, you become more marketable, and a more versatile designer... but notice I didn't say "better" designer. Not all print designers make good web designers, and vise-versa.

I definitely believe that you can teach yourself the basics to web design, but web design is much more than Photoshop. You must understand how HTML works, how usability affects navigation, the limits in color and type, etc. Start with this book, "The Non-Designer's Web Book," by Robin Williams. It even has a section on the difference between print and web.

Here's my last thought. If you want to specialize in print, go for it, and understand that you may pass up some jobs now, but will end up with a job that truly interests you that you will excel in.

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