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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is there a way I can get in some where with an associates degree?

I feel employers are not giving me the chance to look at my portfolio because of my two year degree. Is there a way I can get in some where with an associates?

Design jobs are hard to get because there is a ton of competition. Thousands of designers are without jobs. You just have to continue to persevere. Just because you don't hear back from an employer doesn't mean that your education is the problem. It could be a variety of different things from not having the right software skills to not having the right type of media in your portfolio.

I would highly recommend an online portfolio if you really want to give yourself a good shot. We rarely meet with candidates to review a portfolio before we have seen something online. Most design firms are under a lot of pressure with a lot of deadlines and they don't have the time to meet everyone.

In addition to creating an online portfolio, start networking. Join the AIGA, or any other design group and get involved in the design community. That is the #1 way to a job. Once someone gets to know you personally and sees your enthusiasm and work ethic, your 2 year degree isn't an issue.

Also, volunteer to design a direct mail piece or collateral for your favorite non-profit. Get some real world experience and make sure you put your name and contact info on the back of the piece you do for the non-profits. Most of them will gladly let you. This gets you more exposure.

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