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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The To-Do List Strategy

Two very important people in my life recently lost their jobs. During this time, I have taken on the role of motivational coach to help them find work, stay positive and keep busy. The one piece of advice they have both found helpful is writing to-do lists. I have them write a list each and every day, even if the tasks on that list include basic things like walking the dog or watering the plants.

Why do lists help?
  • Lists motivate you. They get you out of bed in the morning and give you something to do.
  • Lists make you quick. If you know you have to do 10 things today, you're a little lighter on your feet and move through tasks more efficiently.
  • Lists help you set goals. Determine how many people you want to call, visit, submit resumes to or follow up with each day or week, and add that to your lists. This will help you track how you're doing and stick to your ambitions.
  • Lists keep you aggressive. You can't just add your resume to a database and hope that someone calls you. Lists keep you pounding the pavement (virtual or otherwise).
  • Lists give you a sense of accomplishment. Completing a list makes you feel good about yourself...plain and simple.
So whether you're searching for your first job or a job to get you back on your feet, try the To-Do List Strategy. It might not find you a job, but it will certainly keep your chin up.

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