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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What kind of background, education, and training do companies such as yours look for when hiring a print or web designer?

I can't speak for all print and web design firms, but we look at the individual's portfolio first. If it doesn't exemplify a basic understanding of design principles and "wow" us, then we don't pursue any further than that. We need to see potential in the new designer.

If the portfolio is wow-worthy, then their depth of experience comes next. I'm not talking about design experience, I mean work experience. Have they worked in health care, insurance, retail, etc? Anything that might match a client we already have or an industry we are trying to get into.

We also like to see if they have any project management or people management skills. Anything that would be relevant in a small business. Most web design firms are smaller firms, and private, so the type of person we look for is different than what a corporate giant would go after.

If the portfolio is good, they have some good experience, then we look at education. Do they value education? Did they exceed in school? We like over-achievers. Notice we didn't mention software skills. Why? It's assumed you have to have them for graphic design now, no exceptions.

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