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Monday, July 20, 2009

Crappy job market = Positive attitudes

2009 has not been the best year for the marketing, advertising and design world. So many people I know have either lost their jobs, or had their hours or salaries cut. Four day work weeks are about as prevalent as a hipster on Milwaukee.

With all of this, people's attitudes toward work have changed. Rarely do I hear people complaining about their jobs. People feel lucky to still have them, and in many cases, are working their butts off to keep them. If I haven't seen a friend in awhile because of their non-stop work schedule, the conversation always comes back to "at least I'm still employed."

I receive a ton of emails from friends and former colleagues who are looking for work and reaching out to people for advice. My best advice to them would be to do what everyone else in this industry is doing: stay positive, work hard and keep your eye on the prize.....a paycheck.

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